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Labor 2024

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The Hoosier Heartland Area Labor Federation's political program has two parts. 

First, we work to collaborate with the Indiana State AFL-CIO through their Path to Power program. Path to Power's goal is to recruit, train, and support our union members to run for public office. This collaboration largely includes mobilization of volunteers across the state to take part in member-to-member voter activities.

Alongside that, our local chapters make their own endorsements for local candidates. These endorsement recommendations are voted on by their local Committee on Political Education (COPE), made up of representatives from all affiliated unions. All county, township and down ballot races should complete the local office candidate questionnaire below.

The Hoosier Heartland ALF or local chapter endorsements do not keep a specific local union from making their own endorsement. 

Local Candidate Questionnaire 

Central Indiana Local Candidate Questionnaire  

If you have any questions or concerns around questionnaires, please contact Charley Jackson at and Mindy Rogers at